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17" Dual Row 4d Optics LED Light Bar - 108 Watt

$150.00 Inc. Gst

• 17" Dual Row Led Lightbar
• 36 x 3 Watt Phillips Leds with 50,000 hour + lifespan
• IP68 Waterproof rating

• 10,800 Lumen's
• 6000k
• Black painted aluminum housing
• Includes adjustable mounting bracket with studs. Designed for impact protection.
• Voltage Protection
• Deutsch DT-06 plugs for a secure connection
• 2 year warranty
• Voltage Protection
• Premium shatterproof PMMA lenses
• Combination lens pattern

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Why 4D Optics Dual Row?

The 4D optic range is all about getting the most out of an LED. All cheap options on the market only use a reflector per LED chip. Without the correct optics the majority of light emitted is lost in over spray. The 4D range focuses all the light with better forward projection. A better light is achieved with lower power consumption. This is known the LUX performance. A Lumen rating is used by most companies for theoretical light amount that LED can emit.

New 4D optics technology combines with reflector cup and convex optics, greatly increase the lighting output

  • 36 x 3 Watt Philips  LEDs
  • Gore Military Grade Pressure Vent
  • Ingress Protection IP68
  • Adjustable Sliding lower mounts
  • All New Flood & Spot Optics with 2 Stage Reflectors, for increase beam distance and wide beam angle Excellent Driving Light Beam Pattern
  • Nuts and Bolts supplied are 316 stainless


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