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9" 185 Watt Led Driving lights Pair (185w x 2)

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• Cree LED
• Waterproof:IP68
• 6000K Color Temperature

• 16800 Lumens per Light
• Lifespan:Above 50000 hours
• Diecast aluminum housing
• Base Color: Black
• Water and Dust Resistant
• Shock and Vibration Resistant
• PC Lens material

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• Diecast aluminium body with quality stainless steel mounting bracket
• Light adjustment via twin locking screws to prevent unwelcome movement on corrugated roads
• Lights come with wiring loom, spread beam & clear polycarbonate lense protectors
• Heavy duty deutch plug to prevent water and ingress ruining the power supply to the light

Durability and Lifespan
LED light bars are an invaluable accessory for offroad driving at night and in foggy or dusty conditions. Midnight Lighting uses the highest quality UV rated polyester powder coating, to ensure our light bars paint finish won’t turn bronze from sun like our competitors’ products do. LED lights are particularly efficient and project a high level of brightness, providing far greater night time visibility than other light options and standard vehicle headlamps. Our primary lenses are made from an optically engineered and UV stabilized hardened PC. Inferior lights use a cheap run of the mill PC in order keep costs down, which will turn yellow and fog with use. LEDs are known for their long life and especially efficient light production, as they produce a minimal amount of heat in comparison to other lighting technologies. Our lighting products have lifespans upwards of 50,000 hours, and do not fade over their lifetime.



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