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    Thunder Weekender Battery Box ACDC, 12v, Portable Power Dual System Inverter

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    Internal dimensions: 390 x 230 x 260mm that is some impressive space and will fit a hefty 120ah AGM
    • An on/off master switch for piece of mind while in transit
    • LED display that lets you know exactly what’s going on in your battery, displaying;
    • Battery type and Amp hour
    • Battery Voltage
    • Output current
    • Remaining power percentage
    • Remaining time (hours)
    • A 240 Volt, 6 Amp, 7 stage battery charger (Suitable batteries are LEAD ACID, GEL, AGM and CALCIUM)
    • 2 x Accessory sockets or 2 x Merit Accessory sockets.
    • An impressive 300 Watt, 240 Volt inverter (and it is pure sine wave)
    • A 5 Volt, 2.0 Amp USB port
    • 50 Amp Anderson plug. (this can be used to charge via a DC-DC charger or solar panel kit)

    $550.00 $520.00 Inc. Gst