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Next-Gen Ford Everest 2022 – 2023 Ultimate Bash Plate Combos – 4 Cylinder Bi-Turbo

$119.00$1,289.00 Inc. Gst

Suitable for Next-Gen Ford Everest- 4 Cylinder Bi-Turbo 2022-2023; 2,3 & 4 Piece Underbody Protection

3mm 3 Piece Stainless Steel: $749.00         33kg

4mm 3 Piece Stainless Steel: $1089.00       42kg

3mm 4 Piece Stainless Steel: $819.00         37kg

4mm 4 Piece Stainless Steel: $1229.00       48kg

Important Information

Most companies will only off a Front, sump and transmission plate that doesn’t cover thee transfer plate., We have designed a front 4mm crossmember to help stiffen the front end and add protection for the radiator. We also offer a replacement Transfer case guard  from the factory tin plate.

Our New Twin Deluxe transmission plates protect the DPF and the Fuel Filter. With its twin plate design it gives maximum protection! 

Tested with ARB Bull Bar and ARB Recovery points & fits with Factory Bumper

New bolts supplied

This Product is designed and manufactured by Custom Offroad Accessories Pty Ltd


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Our Custom Offroad designed and made bash plates will fit all models from 2022. The plates have been designed to use the existing holes that the standard plates bolts to and to work with all Bull Bars where the factory plate still fits

  • Comes with front strengthening cross member
  • Protects the DPF and Fuel Filter
  • Plates are supplied with Custom Offroad Logo
  • New Bolts Supplied
  • Available in  3mm Stainless Steel or 4mm Stainless For Hard Core Driving
  • Australian Made, all our plates are made right here in Brisbane!
  • 3 piece Front, Diff/Sump & Transmission Guard Combo
  • Replace the 1.5mm standard tin plates.
  • Slim Design for maximum clearance, no modifications and only 25 mins to fit.
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Plate Selection

4 Piece Front, Sump, Twin Deluxe Transmision/Fuel Filter guard and transfer plate, 3 Piece Front, Sump and Twin Deluxe transmision/fuel filter guard, 2 Piece Kit Front and Sump, Transfer Plate, Twin Deluxe Transmision/ Fuel Filter Guard with transfer plate, Twin Deluxe Transmision/Fuel Filter Guard Only


3mm, 4mm

Add Front Support Bracket

Yes, No

Bull Bar

Standard Bumper, ARB, Iroman Raid Bar, Other(please let us know)


Yes, No

1 review for Next-Gen Ford Everest 2022 – 2023 Ultimate Bash Plate Combos – 4 Cylinder Bi-Turbo

  1. Gordon Berry (verified owner)

    3mm engine and sump plates plus radiator support bracket (painted).
    Great design and relatively easy to fit, although some basic instructions would have saved a bit of time figuring out what bolt goes where. Wasn’t rocket science though.
    Delivery was quicker than expected and was packaged well. Holes all lined up with factory mounting points (had to drill hole in ARB fairing for centre bolt) and paint quality was good.
    My only suggestion would be to add some height to the engine plate wings to reduce the plate filling up with sand (as the factory plate did).

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  • In a market saturated with an endless list of must have upgrades for your 4×4 often underbody protection is overlooked. Vehicle manufactures do not consider bash plates essential to the performance of the car even though they are producing cars for offroad use.

    Over the years, the market has seen a shift away from the older live axle cars to the more comfortable riding independent front suspension “IFS”. Whilst making the car more pleasant to drive this means vital components such as the radiator, sump, diff actuator and transfer case become more vulnerable.

    Vehicle owners are often unaware or reluctant to invest in bash plates as they consider their offroading to be tame or “only beach use”. Some of the worst damage we have seen to the underside of cars has been sustained on the beach navigating a cutting or hitting a washout at speed. Often the damage will render the car un-driveable with split radiators or damaged actuators making the car 2wd.

    Bash plates should be one of the first modifications carried out before heading offroad. The damage that can occur, the cost of recovery and repairs vs the purchase price is a simple equation.

  • Many enthusiasts consider the thicker the plate the better! This is true to a point but what some “experts” don’t consider is when your plates sustain a hit the pressure and shock has to be absorbed somewhere. If the plate has no flex what so ever the shock is then put back into the mounts which are welded to your chassis. It is much easier and cheaper to replace bash plates after a few years rather than repairing your mounts or chassis!

    We offer a range of thicknesses based on your preference, vehicle and type of 4 wheel driving. With plates ranging from 3mm to 4mm for the more common dual cabs through to 4mm standard for heavier vehicles.

  • After countless 4wd trips the one thing I kept replacing the most was my underbody protection. Although they did get a good beating the main problem was the rust factor, especially from my love of beach driving.

    My car would look great all polished and washed except for underneath that was bent out of shape and covered with surface rust. I designed a set out of stainless steel because of the resistance to corrosion and the strength to get a better, more durable life out of my bash plates.

    The stainless steel comes in a 2b matte grey finish which holds up great against scratching and with the extra strength of the stainless I’ve tried my best to knock them out of shape with no success. If you are after a bash plate that you would like to put on and not have to change every 6 months stainless is the way to go.

  • Built using qulaity stainless steel, our Bash Plates provide the perfect weight to strength ratio for your 4×4. As each Make and Model is different so too is the weight of each plate. However, as a general rule, a 3 piece set of 3mm thickness, usually weighs between 24kg & 30kg, while a 3 piece set of 4mm thickness, usually weighs between 35kg & 40kg.

    Please consult the product page of the vehicle you’re interested in for an accurate weight for those Bash Plates.

  • Our aim is to consistently maintain our stock levels so that we can get our plates to you as soon as poosible. However, in the event your plate is unavailable, the turnaround is generally between 1 to 2 weeks. This timeframe is well below the industry average as our plates are made right here in Brisbane, Australia!

  • Our plates are designed to fit with a large range of bull bar setups. If your 4WD currently retains the factory plates, and has a bull bar installed, then our plates will fit. The majority of our bash plates support a diff drop, however, we advise you consult the individual product pages for more information regarding the make and model of the 4WD you wish to fit plates to.