Bash Plates

Why do you need bash plates?

Underbody Protection or “Bash Plates” are an essential part of every 4×4 set up. They are designed to protect the underside of the vehicle from any objects that could cause damage. Most vehicles come with a standard protection set up usually only 1.5mm thick or even made from plastic. The standard protection plates can only handle one hit before they need to be replaced. Custom Offroad Accessories plates are a minimum of 3mm thick. Our plates are designed to take hit after hit so your vehicle will make it through its 4×4 adventure. Be prepared; bash your plates and not the vulnerable areas of your 4WD.

Our range of bash plates covers all popular models

We have a wide range of plates that cover underbody protection for the major vehicle manufacturers. Contact us if you’re unsure about which bash plates are suitable for your vehicle. We’re quick to respond and offer clear and honest advice based on our extensive offroad experience.

Upgrading your underbody protection is a sound investment

Protecting the underbody of your vehicle comes down to a simple cost-benefit trade off. It’s far cheaper and easier to replace a bash plate every several years rather than replace parts of your vehicle. Bash plates protect your 4WD underbody from rocks, trees and other debris, as well as rust and corrosion from salt water.

What thickness should I get?

Our range of plates are 3mm to 4mm, and the ideal thickness depends upon the vehicle and what kind of four wheel driving you are doing most often. Thicker is not always better, since the plate needs to absorb as well as deflect any impact. For this reason, bash plates need to have some flex in them as well. If you are unsure, then feel free to get in touch with us for advice on what plates would best suit your needs.

Check out our FAQ or get in touch with us for more information about what kinds of plates are best for your vehicle.

Stainless Steel for better durability

A lot of products today (think TVs, fridges, and laptops) have a product lifetime designed into them. They last a few years, and then stop working almost like clockwork so that you have to replace them with the latest model. Our offroad accessories are exactly the opposite of this. Our bash plates are highly durable, and are designed specifically to last and to prolong the life of your 4×4, rather than to be something that you need to replace often.

For this reason, we cover all bases in designing the product to withstand the test of time, including our choice of materials. Stainless steel plates are preferable, especially if you plan on doing any beach driving. Salt water can be extremely corrosive, and stainless steel plates will hold up well against this.

After sales support

At Custom Offroad Accessories, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our customer service and product offerings. We endeavour to find the best possible solutions for your particular needs, and seek maintain good customer relationships over the lifetime of the product. We want you to get the best possible use out of our products, and encourage you to get in touch with us about any questions, comments or feedback you might have.

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